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Since 1984 we've been assisting local and regional auctioneers with our user friendly, computerized, auction data management systems, on-site, back office management
services, training and support.

We've worked with large and small auction companies from Norwich, Dolgeville, Argyle, Earlville, Unadilla, Watertown, Whitney Point, Moravia, Pulaski, Baldwinsville, Syracuse and many places in between and we continue to do so.

Our auction data management programs are truly "user friendly". There are NO manuals to pore over. All user instructions are right on the screen. Plus, anyone familiar with auction data management routines can be comfortable with our program in 30 minutes or less.

Our motto, "Our Business is Helping Your Business to Succeed" is what we promise and what we deliver.

some reasons why you might want to consider using our services.
We have over thirty years of auction data management and back office experience.
We provide all the equipment, setup, customer interaction and settlement.
All invoices, receipts, reports and printouts are done on two-part NCR paper.
You receive all monies, reports and printouts within two hours of the auction end.
We can provide a permanent electronic copy of the complete sale for your reference.
We charge one economical price for the complete process per sale.
We have many references from satisfied auctioneers that you can verify.  

Call us for free information re: computerizing your auction business at 315-451-7567.  

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