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Today, besides reading a plain old text listing of your sales, many auction goers are interested in seeing the items that you are going to be auctioning. Can your customers SEE what you're selling? They can if you advertise on our auction sales website!

We maintain an internet website,
just for auctioneers to post their auction listings and pictures of the items that they will be selling.

Once a week, usually on Saturday evening or Sunday morning, we send out our "Auction Alerts" email listing, advertising all the sales and pictures of the merchandise that our auctioneer  customers are selling for the coming week.

Auction goers really like receiving our special sale notices before the general public gets the information in the newspaper. Many of them have commented that being able to see the items that are up for sale helps them decide which of the many competing auctions to attend.

Can your customers SEE what you're selling? If not, maybe you should try our internet advertising. It might be just what you need to increase attendance and sales at your auctions.

What's it cost?

Click here for complete information and cost.

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