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We CAN provide a complete computerized auction management system to fit any size business and budget. Choose from new or pre-owned hardware systems, turnkey systems or just the auction management software. Each system includes operator training and lifetime telephone and as needed, on-site support .

We ALSO offer expert, on-site, computerized auction clerking and data management services where we do everything from sign-in to cash out and settlement for one low price per sale.

WHY USE COMPUTERS? There are very few businesses today that do not use a computer system. The old days of paper and pencil record keeping are about gone. When using our auction computer system, we are professionally received by both buyers and sellers. They like the legible printouts and invoices they receive. Once a buyer or seller registers with us, their information is kept on file. The next time they come to the auction we simply ask them their name, look it up in our computer and give them a buyer number (a 20 to 30 second process). This saves everyone lots of time. Buyers can pay for their items immediately upon purchase as many times as they like. The computer keeps up with every transaction and the method of payment, whether it is cash, check or credit card. When the last item is sold, we are ready to close out the sale.

WHY USE OUR AUCTION CLERKING SYSTEMS AND SERVICES? People are no longer amazed about seeing a computer system at an auction, but they ARE amazed if you ARE NOT using one. If you're not quite ready to computerize your auction business yet, let our expert clerking service and computer technology bring your auctions into the 21st century.

reasons why you might want to consider using our services.
> We have over twenty-five years of auction clerking and back office experience.
> We provide all the equipment, setup, customer interaction and settlement.
> All invoices, receipts, reports and printouts are done on two-part NCR paper.
> You receive all monies, reports and printouts within two hours of the auction end.
> We can provide a permanent electronic copy of the complete sale for your reference.
> We charge one economical price for the complete process per sale.
> We have many, many references from satisfied auctioneers.  

WHAT OUR CLERKING SERVICE INCLUDES: We provide a complete, computerized auction management system which includes bidder registration, clerking & cashiering, itemization of all articles sold and unsold, duplicate copies of the entire auction, complete bidders list, balance and settle auction and provide consignment settlement statements within two hours of the end of the auction sale !

Call us TODAY at 315-451-7567 to discuss computerizing your auction business.

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